Anderson Cooper is, once again, really upset about Snooki. The CNN newsman says the “Jersey Shore” star makes too much money: from her MTV reality show, from Rutgers University Q&As and for making party appearances. (Cooper refers to that last cash grab as a “show up and throw up” fee. )

He pointed out all of this as part of his “Ridiculist” segment during last night’s “AC 360.” He also noted that Snooki’s prose — which drips with “nuance, like so much tanning accelerator”— doesn’t quite match the words of Toni Morrison, who will speak at Rutgers’ commencement ceremony this year but receive less compensation than Snooki did to make her recent appearance on the New Jersey college’s campus.

Yes, we already knew all of this. In fact, we already said some of this. But watching Cooper get fired up about it — and utter terms that clearly don’t roll naturally off his tongue, like juice head — is sort of amusing.

Of course, this is not the first time Cooper has picked on Snooki or her lack of writing abilities. Still, so far, there has been no comment from the poof master on this latest CNN slight. Perhaps a Twitter feud is imminent?