Andy Cohen. (Evan Agostini/AP)

“Saturday Night Live” took on Bravo personality and executive Andy Cohen this weekend in a sketch that skewered his late night talk show “Watch What Happens Live.”

Taran Killam played Cohen as an egotistical camera lover, while host Sofia Vergara acted like a cast member from “The Shahs of Sunset” and Kenan Thompson played Desmond Tutu.

(New featured player Lauren McKinnon stole the bit as the severe Bravo hairstylist Tabatha Coffey.)

So how did Coehn feel about being the butt of an “SNL” joke?

He tweeted, “OMG the one night I go to bed early I’m lampooned on SNL?! Great job I am flattered! #ImLikeAShark #VeryCute”

But his reaction was a little different when he responded to his famous friends’ thoughts.

Radio host Ben Harvey tweeted, “You are much more butch than they portrayed you last night, fyi!”

Cohen replied, “yeah I know I’m not Clint Eastwood but....??”

“Today” co-host Hoda Kotb — who has been the subject of several “SNL” sketches — sent the tweet, “you you you.... Snl... What’s next?” to which one fan responded, “Hoda, they were AWFUL to @BravoAndy - he’s gonna get whole lotta love this week from all of us who LOVE him!”

He simply sent them electronic hugs and kisses.

“Third Rock From the Sun” actress Kristen Johnston had harsh words for Killam: “If only the guy playing you had actually thought abt his “impression’...I thought it sucked. He dint say ‘sweetie’!”

“WE WILL DISCUSS!” Cohen responded.

So, perhaps he didn’t think it was that great after all.

Watch the skit below and tell us what you think.