Walt Disney studios issued a press release today to announce that production on “Maleficent” — its live-action, pseudo-prequel to “Sleeping Beauty” — has begun. The studio also shared a photo of Angelina Jolie as the film’s protagonist, the evil fairy who ultimately curses the young and lovely infant Aurora.

This is what she looks like. Study this image closely, as you won’t actually see her wearing this costume in the film until 2014.

(Photo Credit: Greg Williams ©2012 Disney Enterprises, Inc)

Even with all the shadows, this villainous ensemble reminded me of a few familiar movie characters.

For obvious reasons, it reminded me of this:

(Via Disney Villains)

The widow’s-peaky hood also brought to mind this animated Disney image of ee-vil.

The suggestion that rage lies beneath that beautiful face, coupled with the fact that Jolie is an Academy Award-winning actress seemingly taking an uber-serious approach to the role of a fairy taile villainess, reminded me of this:

(Photo Credit: Alex Bailey/Universal Studios)

And the horns, while clearly borrowed from the Maleficent in Disney’s 1959 “Sleeping Beauty,” nevertheless conjured an image of this:

So in conclusion, the image of Jolie’s Maleficent is kinda sorta like the Lord of Darkness from “Legend,” except that she’s 870 times more attractive.

(HT: Comicbookmovie.com)