Angelina Jolie. (Dave Allocca/Associated Press)

Croatian journalist James J. Braddock alleges that Jolie’s upcoming film, set during the Bosnian War, stole elements from the plot of his 2007 book, “The Soul Shattering.” He claims to have met with Eric Sarkic, one of the film’s producers, a few times in 2008 to discuss adapting the book.

Braddock filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Jolie and the film’s producers in Illinois earlier this month and is trying to block its opening, set for later this month.

“It's par for the course,” Jolie said of the lawsuit to the Los Angeles Times blog 24 Frames. “It happens on almost every film.”

The actress told the L.A. Times she pulled from many books and documentaries, but said she has never read Braddock’s book.