Hathaway and Shulman in June, before taking the marital plunge. (Andrew H. Walker/GETTY IMAGES)

The Academy Award-nominated actress and her fiance of 10 months, Adam Shulman, got married on Saturday, tying the knot during a ceremony People magazine characterized as “low-key.”

Low-key because reportedly there were no movie stars at the Big Sur ceremony — “There were only a few people in the business there, like her stunt double,” an unnamed gabby source told People — but also because of its setting.

The 29-year-old “Dark Knight Rises” scene-stealer wed Shulman, 31, at sunset on a cliffside next to a barn in Big Sur, Calif., Us Weekly noted. And as anyone who’s ever attended a wedding ceremony knows, barns are synonymous with low-key.

In case you’re wondering, Hathaway wore a Valentino gown that made the “Princess Diaries” star look appropriately princessy. She also wore a veil with a vintage headband that immediately prompted some snarky comments online.

“WHAT is that on her head?!” asked one E! Online reader.

Oh, people. Can we let go of the Hathaway hating for at least one day?

What’s that? You still need to see this headband so that you can judge it for yourself, because assessing what sat on Hathaway’s cranium during her wedding is super-important?

Fine. The Daily Mail has published multiple, supersized images of Hathaway on her big day, as the publication is wont to do. Knock yourself out.