Hathaway as Catwoman, sans pointy ears. (Warner Bros.)

Catwoman — as in the version of Catwoman portrayed by Anne Hathaway in the still-in-production “The Dark Knight Rises” — has pointy kitty ears. And some people on the Internet are not happy about this.

New images from the set of “The Dark Knight Rises” (see video below) provide a more complete view of Hathaway’s cat suit than we previously saw via studio images like the one above that also were blasted by some fans online. And, as IGN points out and Gawker also notes, that ensemble includes a pair of nightvision goggles with an attached pair of ears that protrude perkily from atop her head.

Should this be upsetting? Will it adversely affect the quality of Christopher Nolan’s third Batman opus? No and no.

But that hasn’t stopped some online Monday morning superhero-movie-quarterbacks — or is it really Saturday night superhero-movie-quarterbacks since the movie won’t be out until next July ? — from critiquing this decision.

“It looks very much like the costume from the camp 70's Batman, and yes, the Arkham City Catwoman is superior,” writes one IGN commenter.

“They should have hired anybody except the chick from all those Princess movies,” adds another.

And then there’s this response, which keeps things in proper perspective: “As long as batman doesn't have nipples or a bat credit card or something of equal stupidity I'm good with this movie.”