Good news, everyone: Another “Muppets” movie is going to be made!

Not-so-good news: Jason Segel is not writing it.

Kermit the Frog and Jason Segel turning on the Muppet charm while promoting their film in Australia. (Rob Griffith/AP)

According to an exclusive item on Vulture, Disney has given the green light for a sequel to “The Muppets,” with director James Bobbin and Nicholas Stoller, who co-wrote the script for last year’s nostalgia-infused Kermit-tastic film, both on board. But Segel — Stoller’s writing partner on “The Muppets” and other movies — reportedly won’t be involved because of time constraints involving his work on “How I Met Your Mother” and other film projects.

Given the fact that Stoller and Segel — who also collaborated on “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and the upcoming “The Five-Year Engagement” — are friends, it seems very likely that he will provide some feedback on the project, regardless of whether he gets a writing credit. Vulture also reports it’s possible that Segel could star in the “The Muppets” sequel as well.

But still, something about this is decidedly unfortunate. I mean, if it’s possible to be a Muppet advocate — and I believe with every fiber of my non-felt being that it is — then Jason Segel clearly has been the staunchest Muppet advocate in this country in recent years.

I mean, just look at him making Muppet face and forcing fans to sing “Mahna Mahna” before a screening of his movie.

Read this comment about the Muppets from my interview with Segel last fall:

“They remind us of the best versions of ourselves. They remind us of who we wanted to be before the realities of this cruel world got hold of us. ... I think there is a part of us that wishes we were all a bit more Muppety.”

Watch how much fun he was clearly having on set in this blooper reel from “The Muppets” Blu-ray release:

I mean, how can he not be involved?

Other questions I have about “The Muppets” Part Deux:

Will Bret McKenzie write new songs for it? (Given that he just won an Oscar for doing that the first time, all signs point to yes.)

Will Amy Adams throw another me party in the second movie? (Unclear.)

To what extent will this film’s plot resemble that of the original “Muppet Movie” sequel, “The Great Muppet Caper”? (Hopefully just enough to ensure that a scene involving Muppets on bicycles will be included.)

Even with Segel sadly on the sidelines, we’re curious to get answers to all of these questions as the project evolves.