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Arnold Schwarzenegger is writing a memoir with the tentative title “Total Recall; My Unbelievably True Life Story.” It will explore his marriage to Maria Shriver but, according to People, will not be a tell-all. (People)

Is Scarlett Johansson dating Justin Timberlake, who she was recently spotted with at a New York nightclub? (Timberlake also reportedly when to Johansson’s apartment afterward.) Or is she dating fellow high school classmate Kieran Culkin, who apparently hung out with her in Paris? (Zap2It)

Pat Boone calls President Obama’s birth certificate a “photoshopped fraud” and believes the commander in chief has spent millions to cover up the fact that he wasn’t born in the U.S. He also says: “Growing up in Indonesia, [Obama] used to read the Koran in Arabic. So that was instilled in him as a young boy…he hasn’t celebrated any Christian holidays in the White House, but he does Ramadan.” The comments were made several days ago in a San Francisco Chronicle story that has slowly but surely spread around on the Internet. (Mediaite)

Justin Bieberand Selena Gomez recently snapped this cute photograph, posted it on Instagram and captioned it “Brangelina 2.0 hahahahahaha.” Presumably all those babies showed up at the park because they heard something about a Belieber tweet-up. (Instabieber)

Taylor Armstrong sits down with Dr. Phil in an interview that airs today, and blames reality TV for the death of estranged husband Russell Armstrong . “I can’t say what he was thinking at the time [of his death], but what I can say is that I believe that if it weren’t for the cameras, there’s a chance I wouldn’t be sitting here with you today,” she says. (Us)

Universal is getting ready to make a new version of “Scarface.” (Deadline)

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Victor Garber will reportedly be the voice of Charlie in the new “Charlie’s Angels” series on ABC. (Vulture)

The Academy issued a new set of rules yesterday regarding Oscar campaigning. How will that affect this year’s award season? The Hollywood Reporter explains. (THR)

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