“No touching! But there will be streaming on Netflix!” (Fox via /AP)

When the “Arrested Development” cast and crew recently announced plans to reboot the Bluth family, fans were excited. Then they were cautiously optimistic. Now they can be excited again ... as long as they have a Netflix subscription.

In case you missed the news, which was announced late Friday night, Netflix has made a deal to stream new episodes of “Arrested Development” beginning in 2013. That deal was struck between Netflix and the studios backing production on the new mini-season of Bluth-Funke shenanigans, Fox and Imagine Entertainment, the company co-founded by ”Arrested” producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard.

The handful of fresh episodes will reportedly serve as preamble to a long-anticipated “Arrested Development” feature film; production is planned for summer 2012. The specifics surrounding movie plans still have not been announced, so it is okay to remain cautiously optimistic about those.

“After a long hiatus, I’m dying to finally get back to the narrator’s microphone. ... ‘It’s Arrested ... Development,’ ” Howard said in the press release touting the Netflix agreement.

It’s doubtful that Howard actually said this out loud, but who cares? There’s definitely more Maeby and George Michael and Gob and (God willing) Carl Weathers on the way. And that is what matters. That, and knowing where to find quality help like Mrs. Featherbottom.