A biopic based on the life of Jeff Buckley — the gifted singer-songwriter who died at the age of 30 in 1997 after drowning in the Mississippi River — is moving forward.

Slashfilm reports that Jake Scott (“Welcome to the Rileys” and numerous music videos) has signed on to direct the film, which will be executive produced by Buckley’s mom, Mary Guibert, and feature his original music. Production is slated to begin this fall.

Of course, if filming will begin that soon, Scott is going to need his Buckley. As Slashfilm also notes, Robert Pattinson has reportedly expressed interest in the role, but if the previous rumors about him playing Kurt Cobain were any indication, that may not sit well with some music fans.

James Franco bears a pretty strong resemblance to Buckley. But since the project — which first bubbled up as a possibility five years ago — has taken its time to come to fruition, he may be getting a tad too old. (Also, as we learned prior to the Oscars, his singing chops could use some work. Then again, that may not matter if this is a lip-synch job.)

So who else could be a potential “Hallelujah” heart-stopper? Here are three more suggestions.

Anton Yelchin: The “Star Trek” star, soon to be seen in “The Beaver,” is only 22. But his performances have demonstrated a maturity that could allow him to take a character from early adulthood to the age of 30. Plus he kind of sang in “Charlie Bartlett,” so he has some musical abilities.

Taylor Kitsch: The actor formerly known as Tim Riggins from “Friday Night Lights” has proven he can do the sexy, contemplative and surprisingly sensitive male routine pretty well. After tackling blockbuster material such as “John Carter of Mars” and “Battleship,” both out next year, it would be nice to see him return to quieter fare. Again, no idea if he can sing.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Great actor. Right age. Has the musical chops and the range. He could be perfect for this, assuming he’s not too busy shooting Christopher Nolan movies.

Do you like any of these choices? Have a better idea? Or do you think a Jeff Buckley biopic is a bad idea? Weigh in by posting a comment.