Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Mercedes Benz)

Sandra Bullock really (really, really, really) doesn’t want people to think she’s dating Brett Ratner, as a recent In Touch cover suggested. Through her rep, she said, “We think that it's incredibly sad that in these times, this magazine would resort to complete fabrication, solely for financial gain. There is not a shred of accuracy in their story. We have not seen nor spoken to each for over a decade. We both had a great time after the Oscars, just not with each other.” (E!)

Harvey Weinstein told the Times of London he rejected a movie pitch from President Obama: “The President sent me a book the other day and said ‘Why don’t you make this into a movie?’... It was a spy novel.” In the end, Weinstein let the President down easy: “I sent him an email back saying he was the most overqualified book scout I’ve ever had.” (The Wrap)

TLC drops “All American Muslim,” after the jump.

All American Muslim” has been cancelled by TLC. It seems not even the hubbub created by Lowe’s could keep the show on the air. (TV Column)

The recently cancelled “Terra Nova” may be picked up by Netflix. According to Deadline sources, talks are very preliminary, and a deal may not materialize. The Internet streaming site has been making a foray into original content with shows “House of Cards” and “Lilyhammer,” and will air new episodes of “Arrested Development” next year. (Deadline)

BREAKING: Jennifer Love Hewitt loves her breasts. (USA Today)

Watch Oscar winner Jean Dujardin (pretend to) promote his own brand of cigarettes using his French charm below.

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