Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. (Peter Kramer - AP). | GALLERY: Click the image above to view more photos of the couple.

One week after rumors of a split began plaguing Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, this is what we know for sure: nothing.

Neither star has released a statement about the status of their relationship, leaving tabloids and idle minds to continue speculating about the possible demise of the couple’s six-year marriage.

Kutcher has been the subject of the most wild rumors. Us Weekly is claiming that the actor cheated on Moore in a hot tub with a San Diego blonde on the couple’s wedding anniversary. Star Magazine has published photos of the “Two and a Half Men” actor talking to two young women, who they claim are his mistresses, in a hotel room. Moore hasn’t been accused of any bad behavior.

On the flip side of the rumor, the pair are still wearing their wedding rings. Moore was photographed wearing hers Thursday. The couple were both sporting the jewelry last Friday when they attended a Kabbalah service together.

In an appearance on Thursday’s “Good Morning America,” Moore did discuss her husband, saying she sent Kutcher an orchid when “Men” premiered last month.

As for their Twitter accounts, the pair haven’t sent any cryptic, possibly relationship-related tweets in recent days. Moore had tweeted a quote from a Greek philosopher and a picture with the words, “I see through you” last week. Kutcher, for his part, tweeted the Public Enemy song “Don’t Believe the Hype” and a warning to his followers not to assume anything lest they make a fool out of themselves.

So when will the speculation madness end? And how? If there are any clairvoyant readers out there, I’d sure like to know.