Lea Michele and Ashton Kutcher, smashing faces for the benefit of photographers at the “New Year’s Eve” premiere. (John Shearer/Getty Images)

And as such, they really, really played up the flirtatious angle on the red carpet at Monday’s Hollywood premiere of the ensemble rom-com. Us magazine ran an item that coyly notes that last night marked Kutcher’s first red-carpet walk since his official split from wife Demi Moore, and oh by the way, Michele is newly single, too.

Could the “Two and a Half Men” and “Glee” stars be together together? Probably not. More likely, they’re just cranking up the cute to publicize their movie. To see just how high they were able to crank it — remember, we’re talking about uber-drama queen Rachel Berry here — scan through the photos below. If you zoom through really quickly, the pictures almost become a flipbook that makes it seem like Michele and Kutcher may have been having a conversation about something real.

But let’s be honest. They probably weren’t.

(John Shearer/Getty Images)

“Why, hello. Fancy meeting you at this red carpet premiere for a movie in which we both star. ”

(John Shearer/Getty Images)

“Let’s move in closer and pretend we don’t notice all these cameras.”

(John Shearer/Getty Images)

Michele: “Now I’m going to look fascinated by whatever you say next.”

Kutcher: “That’s an awesome idea.”

(John Shearer/Getty Images)

Kutcher: “HA! HA!”

Michele: “But ... I didn’t actually say anything funny.”

Kutcher: “I’ve been on ‘Two and a Half Men’ for a couple of months now so I have no idea what’s actually funny anymore.”

(John Shearer/Getty Images)

Kutcher: “What ridiculous face should we make next?”

Michele: “Maybe we should try to look so sugary-sweet that everyone who merely looks at us immediately needs a root canal.”

Kutcher: “Let’s give it a shot.”

(John Shearer/Getty Images)

”Mission accomplished.”

(John Shearer/Getty Images)

Michele: “Now let’s smash faces for emphasis.”

Kutcher: “Fine. By the way, you did use fashion tape with that dress, right?”

(John Shearer/Getty Imags)

Michele: “Okay ... all this smiling is giving me cheek cramps.”

Kutcher: “Agreed. Let’s just pose like normal people and wrap this up.”

(John Shearer/Getty Images)