Aubrey O’Day, former girl group member and reality actress, appeared to quit “The Celebrity Apprentice” on Sunday’s episode when she walked out of the boardroom. O’Day tweeted her followers that she didn’t quit, just “went 2 church.” As the Los Angeles Times points out, revealing that she didn’t quit the show one week before the next episode airs violates rule one of reality TV: Don’t diffuse the drama. (LATimes)

Adele. (Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Ryan Seacrest’s big “Today” show announcement will have to wait until Wednesday. The E! News host had to postpone his trip due to pain from elbow surgery. (@RyanSeacrest)

“Two and a Half Men” creator Lee Aronsohn told the Hollywood Reporter in an interview that TV is “approaching peak vagina on television, the point of labia saturation,” thanks to women-centric shows like “Whitney.” This angered a number of writers and famous people, including Martha Plimpton, who tweeted, “Um, Lee, women are 51% of the population & a coveted demographic for advertisers. What are you thinking?” Aronsohn has since apologized for the “stupid joke.” (HuffPost)

Mario Lopez pulls a prank, after the jump.

Mario Lopez pulled quite an April Fools’ Day joke on “Saved By the Bell” fans. He announced plans for a reunion show on Twitter, adding “Just finished the deal..Should be awesome. Stay tuned for details!!” But alas: “As much as I would love a Saved by the Bell reunion...Not happening. Sorry guys..Actually, working on one for @extratv though ! #AprilFools!” (@mariolopezextra)

The lovely Salma Hayek once had such terrible acne it caused severe depression. She told Lucky magazine, “Like I couldn’t leave the house. I’d wake up in the morning and lie there and touch my face before I got up, just to prepare myself to look in the mirror! The next stage with that sort of depression is food: too little, or too much. Guess what I did? I mean, I was fat and broken out, I couldn’t leave the house and I couldn’t pay the rent!” Spoiler alert: She overcame her acne. (Lifeline Live)

Want to watch The Fray’s performance of the national anthem before a NCAA championship game that has upset a lot of people? Of course you do. (Early Lead)