“The Dark Knight Rises”: Is this the film you’re dying to see this summer above all others? (Warner Bros./Via REUTERS)

As established yesterday when the new “Dark Knight Rises” trailer was released, the third Batman/Christopher Nolan team-up seems to have earned the title Summer Movie Everyone Is Dying to See.

But is it the film you are most looking forward to during the upcoming season, which officially begins Friday when “The Avengers” hits the multiplex circuit? Or are you more excited to see “Prometheus,” an indie like “Safety Not Guaranteed,” or a comedy like “The Campaign”?

We at Celebritology want to know the answer, and we want to know in the succinct format of choice in the digital era: a single tweet.

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Share which movie you are most looking forward and explain why by posting a tweet and using the hashtag #mysummermovie. If you need to abbreviate the movie’s title to save space — like, say Batman or Dark Knight instead of The Dark Knight Rises — that’s fine.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll look for the best responses and post them alongside my list of the five summer movies I’m most excited about, which will be published here in Celebritology on Friday.

Need a sample tweet? Here you go.

Example: Amazing Spider-Man. Because Andrew Garfield *might* be > Tobey Maguire. Maybe. #mysummermovie

— celebritology (@celebritology) May 2, 2012

Oh, and if you’re not on Twitter but want to share by posting a comment, please feel free to do. Just keep it to 140 characters.

Brevity is key here, even if it won’t necessarily be key in the movie “Battleship.” That thing is more than two hours long, guys.