Axl Rose: from the stage to the talk show set. (Paul Bergen/AFP/Getty Images)

But he arrived promptly for his sit-down on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and chatted affably with the host, who admitted toward the close of the interview that he was “worried I would be the only one talking.”

Kimmel was not the only one talking. In fact, we learned a number of interesting things from the Rose/Kimmel experience. Here are seven of them, along with video of the interview.

1. Prior to becoming a famous rock musician, Axl Rose was once a manager at a Tower Records and Video.

So if you lived in L.A. during the early ‘80s, you may have been charged a late fee by the guy doing his signature hip swivel in the video below.

2. Axl Rose has a Halloween tree.

He apparently puts it up on Halloween and gives children toys, prompting their parents to feel completely inadequate. So basically, Axl Rose is the Great Pumpkin. Now you know, Linus.

3. Axl Rose once dressed up as an ear of corn for Halloween.

So in addition to being the Great Pumpkin, he’s also, in a manner of speaking ... the Great Cornholio?

4. Axl Rose does not vote, even though he and Guns N’ Roses are headlining a 12-night residency at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas dubbed Appetite for Democracy.

Kimmel noted the irony.

5. If Axl Rose does vote this year, it will be for President Obama.

He tends to lean Democratic, he said. Which is why he usually doesn’t vote. Because he lives in California, a blue state where a vote from Axl Rose won’t really change anything. All of this was covered in a very famous Schoolhouse Rock video about the electoral college and Guns N’ Roses, so I won’t bother explaining further.

6. Axl Rose apparently has a sign hanging in his house that features the Oscar Wilde quote “Punctuality is the thief of time.”

Okay, fine. But you, Axl Rose, were the thief of my time when you made me wait two hours for you to come onstage during the Faith No More/Metallica/Guns N’ Roses show at RFK Stadium in 1992. Unfortunately, that’s not nearly as pithy and doesn’t fit on a print I can hang in my family room.

7. Axl Rose is the Oprah Winfrey of late-night television.

He hid a ticket to the G n’ R Vegas show under every audience seat (although no one seems to be able to find them) and also brought a burger truck to the Jimmy Kimmel studio so everyone could have a snack. Because Axl Rose is a giver, and don’t you forget it.

Watch all three parts of the interview below.