Anderson Cooper and Aziz Ansari, with their look-alikes. (“Anderson.”)

That’s not a joke setup. That was the reality on Cooper’s daytime TV show “Anderson” Wednesday, when Ansari surprised the CNN anchor by bringing out a Las Vegas man named Rene who (kinda, sorta) looks like him.

(Ever the journalist, Cooper was adamant in saying the surprise was real.)

Ansari tried to fool Cooper by initially sending out a look-alike of his own. But the host put on his spectacles and, after doing a little investigating, determined the man to be an imposter. You can’t fool the man who hosted “The Mole!”

During the interview portion of Ansari’s appearance, the actor revealed what gift he and his “Parks and Recreation” co-star Rashida Jones gave Beyonce and Jay-Z upon the arrival of their daughter Blue Ivy: A bib that says “I got 99 problems but a bib ain’t one.”

I can confirm such a item exists.