Aziz Ansari. (Mitchell Zachs/AP)

The “Parks and Recreation” actor announced the news on his Twitter account early this morning: “Go to [my Web site] &download my new standup special before everyone wakes up for only $5! #DangerouslyDelicious”

Once purchased, “Dangerously Delicious” can be streamed or downloaded immediately. The one-hour special was filmed at D.C.’s Warner Theater last June, according to Ansari’s Web site. The comedian funded the video’s production himself.

Fellow funnyman Louis C.K. similarly sold his latest special, “Live at the Beacon Theater,” for the same price online in December. He sold $1 million worth of copies in 12 days, dividing the profits between himself, his staff, charities and production costs. Jim Gaffigan has announced plans to do the same, according to

“It seemed like the smartest way to deliver it,” Ansari told the Associated Press, adding, “It makes sense that comedians would embrace something like this where you have so much control over how you’re releasing stuff... comedians are used to being autonomous anyway.”

Indeed, Ansari was clearly enjoying the process Tuesday, even tweeting customer support to fans who were having technical issues.

Watch the SFW section of the special’s preview below. Watch the entire promo, which is NSFW, here.