Colton Harris-Moore. (AP/HO)

Now he’s reportedly signed a $1.3 million movie deal with Fox, with the proceeds from said deal going toward the $1.4 million he owes his victims in restitution.

While we wish that Leonardo DiCaprio could reprise his similar con artist “Catch Me If You Can” role, he seems a little long in the tooth for this film. So who should play the now 20-year-old bandito? Celebritology has a few ideas.

Jen’s picks

Nicholas Hoult is Kenny in Tom Ford's "A Single Man." (Eduard Grau/THE WEINSTEIN COMPANY)

This versatile actor has played everything from playboy teen on the original “Skins” to Colin Firth’s hot young lover in “A Single Man” to Beast in “X-Men: First Class.” He’s got the chops for the part, and there’s also a vague resemblance between Hoult and Harris-Moore.

Anton Yelchin with James Caan. (AP)

Aaron Johnson as John Lennon with Anne-Marie Duff. (AP/The Weinstein Company)

Aaron Johnson

As the protagonist in the movie “Kick-Ass,” he had to transform from awkward teen into vigilante superhero. Which — in a twisted and totally illegal way — is what Harris-Moore did.

Sarah’s picks

Josh Hutcherson. (Kevin Winter/GETTY IMAGES)

Michael Cera with Kat Dennings. (Getty Images)

Michael Cera

The “Arrested Development” actor is at a crossroads: He can forever be typecast as a skinny hipster dude (see: “Scott Pilgrim,” “Youth in Revolt”) or he can try to branch out. And while Cera is a little old for the role at 23, his baby face makes up for it.

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