”What? ‘The Avengers’ was No. 1 again?” (AP)

Nothing — not even major explosions, havoc-wreaking shredders and the one-two punch of Tim Riggins and Rihanna — can beat “The Avengers.”

Joss Whedon’s superheroic dream team smash easily maintained its hold on the top box office spot, adding another $55 million to a worldwide total that now stands at $1.1 billion.

“Battleship,” which cost more than $300 million to make and market, according to the New York Times, came in a distant second place with $25.3 million, a number far short of the $200 million-plus that greeted “The Avengers” when it opened earlier this month. Apparently moviegoers did not care that by not seeing “Battleship,” they let the alien terrorists win.

Other weekend box office fun facts:

While “Battleship” didn’t open impressively in North America, it has already earned $240.6 million thanks to its international numbers. (It opened overseas weeks ago.) It still hasn’t recouped its costs, however, so it has a ways to go before becoming profitable.

For those keeping Taylor Kitsch score, “Battleship” had an even softer opening than “John Carter,” which debuted with $30.1 million. It’s also a weaker tally than director Peter Berg saw from his last theatrical effort, “Hancock,” which made $62.6 million when it rolled out over the July 4th weekend in 2008. Interestingly, it’s “Hancock” star (and recent red-carpet-reporter slapper) Will Smith who presents Berg with his biggest non-“Avengers” competition over Memorial Day weekend, when “Men in Black III” arrives.

The Dictator” was also a low for Sacha Baron Cohen. It made $17 million over the weekend ($24.4 million since it opened last Wednesday). That’s less than both “Borat” ($26.4 million) and “Bruno” ($30.6 million) brought in on their first weekends in theaters.

In addition to being the top-grossing movie of 2012, “The Avengers” is also the sixth biggest box office success of all time, according to Box Office Mojo. Adjust for inflation, however, and it drops to 61st place on the all-time list.Still impressive given that it’s only been out for three weeks.

The top five movies of the weekend:

1. “The Avengers” — $55 million

2. “Battleship” — $25.3 million

3. “The Dictator” — $17.4

4. “Dark Shadows” — $12.7 million

5. “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” — $10.5 million