Ben Stiller, soon-to-be two-time SNL host. (FRED PROUSER/REUTERS)

Stiller will be the master of sketch-comedy ceremonies on Oct. 8, a month ahead of the release of his “Tower Heist,” a Brett Ratner comedy co-starring upcoming Oscar host Eddie Murphy. Faris hosts the following Saturday, Oct. 15, a full two weeks after her new flick, “What’s Your Number?,” hits theaters. A solid turn on “Saturday Night Live” is always good for one’s career, but the odds of it having a positive impact on Faris’s box office returns seem slim, given the timing.

After Alec Baldwin’s record-breaking hosting gig on “SNL,” who’s on board for this week? A newcomer with a tremendous amount of buzz: Melissa McCarthy. If she does well — and given her experience as a stand-up comedian and improv performer, she should — maybe she, too, can join Stiller and Farris in the second-timers club.