Bethenny Frankel. (Mike Coppola/GETTY IMAGES)

At the moment, the star entrepreneur (startrepreneur, anyone? No?) is making press appearances to discuss her new novel and her daytime talk show that premieres next month on Fox affiliates.

As you may or may not have noticed, tabloid stories about the private lives of famous people begin popping up when they have a project to promote, a phenomenon I’m sure is sometimes completely coincidental — and sometimes not.

Now unnamed tabloid sources are claiming that the former “Real Housewives of New York” cast member and husband Jason Hoppy are ending their marriage. Based on sources who spoke to RumorFix and E!, this is false.

When a Twitter user inquired about this report to Frankel, she did not confirm or deny it, or even decline to comment. Instead, she responded, “We’re going to talk about EVERYTHING on my show! June 11 on [Fox Broadcasting].”

One person tweeted her back, “Love you but [expletive] this tweet. Don't do that... Pimp out a possible divorce for ratings on your new talk show.”

Her old “Real Housewives” co-star Simon van Kempen also chimed in, tweeting, “If [the rumors are] true, it’s tragic & while I know how hard it is to shut down [rumors] I do wish she would ignore rather than obfuscate on Twitter.”

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