Betty White: a celebrity you can trust. (Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

At least that’s the perception of the American public, based on a new Reuters/Ipsos poll on the most popular and trustworthy celebrities.

White ranked first on the lists of most popular and trusted celebrities, with a favorability rating of 86 percent; the results of the survey also indicate people are likely to consider buying a product endorsed by the former “Golden Girl.”

On the most trusted list, White ranks above ticket-refunder Tom Hanks (No. 2), her ”Proposal” co-star Sandra Bullock (No. 3), Morgan Freeman (No. 4) and even Oprah Winfrey, who tied with Taylor Swift as the sixth trustworthiest celebrity.

Some other interesting tidbits from this survey:

— Every one in the top 10 on the most popular personalities list is over the age of 40, with one exception: Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, who tied for seventh place with Freeman.

— Duchess Catherine has been famous for far less time than most people mentioned in this survey, but she seems to have won Americans’ favor quite quickly. She also landed at No. 5 on the most trusted personalities list.

— You might think Mel Gibson would rank pretty high on the most unpopular list, maybe even at No. 1. But actually, he lands at No. 8. Kim Kardashian (No. 7), Tiger Woods (No. 6), Arnold Schwarzenegger (No. 5), Kanye West and Britney Spears (tied at 3), Charlie Sheen (No. 2) and the big winner in the field of unpopularity, Paris Hilton, are all liked less than Gibson.

— The only journalist to land on the most trusted celebrity list? Anderson Cooper, who tied for 17th place with Will Smith. Although, after the Depardieu incident, that trustworthiness may be questioned. Can I really place my faith in someone who can’t say Depar-doo without tittering on live television? (Actually, on second thought, that might only make him more real and relatable.)

— Notable absences from the most popular list: Justin Bieber (clearly they forgot to survey 10-year-old girls), all stars from the “Twilight” movies and the pretty-hard-not-to-like Meryl Streep.

What do you think of these rankings? Do you trust and like Betty White more than other celebrities? Are you angry that George Clooney tied with Julia Roberts for 15th most popular personality instead of ranking higher? Weigh in with a comment befitting of a trustworthy Celebritology reader.