A morning mix of entertainment headlines...

Beyoncé and her non-trademarked baby, Blue Ivy. (Ed Burke for Beyonce.com/AP)

Beyoncé and Jay-Z will not be able to trademark the name Blue Ivy . The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruled against the couple’s petition to trademark the moniker of their daughter, so they can potentially have the exclusive capacity to slap her name on baby products like diaper bags and cosmetics. A Boston wedding planning business with the name Blue Ivy also attempted to trademark the name and failed. The Patent Office ruling allows wedding planner Blue Ivy to continue using the name for that sort of business and Beyoncé and Jay-Z to use it for other, unrelated endeavors. So buck up: a tube of baby lipstick with the name Blue Ivy on it — and endorsed by Blue Ivy’s parents — could still be coming to a store near you. (Rolling Stone)

The first trailer for “Iron Man 3” has debuted online, and it features explosions, Robert Downey Jr. and much Tony Stark angst.

Finally, we have some details on the Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake wedding , courtesy of Us Weekly. Detail one: Biel reportedly wore a pink and white gown. Detail two: Timberlake actually did sing to his bride during the reception, but not “Sexy Back”; instead he did a previously unreleased track, because where better to drop your upcoming single than at your own wedding? Also, detail three: Questlove did DJ the wedding, but presumably per the non-disclosure agreement, he didn’t tweet photos like he did after the David Cross and Amber Tamblyn wedding . Bum-mer. (Us Weekly)

Ellen DeGeneres was honored Monday night at the Kennedy Center with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. The comedian and talk show host accepted the award in a ceremony that will air next week on PBS. “Thank you, PBS,” she said in a Mitt Romney-related quip. “I’m so glad to be part of your final season.” (Washington Post)

The Los Angeles County coroner released autopsy results Monday for Tony Scott , the filmmaker who leaped to his death from an L.A. bridge in August. The autopsy found that he had “therapeutic levels” of an anti-depressant and the sleep aid Lunesta in his system, but no other drugs. As The Guardian notes, there was also no evidence that Scott had cancer, as some media outlets reported shortly after his death. (Associated Press; Guardian)

Would you like to carve a jack-o’-lantern that looks like Walter White from “Breaking Bad” or Sister Jude from “ American Horror Story: Asylum ”? Of course you would. Vulture has the printable PDFs that make it possible. (Vulture)

As promised, Emma Watson is reportedly returning to Brown University . She took a brief hiatus from her time there to focus on her acting and to study at Oxford, but plans to resume her work at the Ivy League school in January. Because when Hermione says she’s going to do something, she keeps her word. (Digital Spy)

There will be a third season of “ Homeland .” Which means the Claire Danes Cry Face Project can continue its important work. (TV Column)