A morning mix of entertainment headlines...

Beyonce: no longer the star who’s born. ( Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

Beyonce has dropped out of the remake of “A Star is Born” in which she was to be directed by Clint Eastwood. “For months we tried to coordinate our schedules to bring this remake to life, but it was just not possible,” she said in a statement to E! News. “Hopefully in the future we will get a chance to work together.” Pick your conspiracy theory that explains this decision: is this because of Eastwood’s chair incident or proof that she’s pregnant even though Jay-Z said she’s not? (E! Online)

Sarah Palin — nay, the entire Palin family — is writing a fitness book. The former vice presidential nominee told People magazine that the book will focus on “where we get our energy and balance as we still eat our beloved homemade comfort foods.” Palin did not say when the book will be published or who will publish it or what, specifically, Piper Palin’s contributions will be. Details to come? (People)

The Post’s Chris Richards explains why you’re not a Nationals Fan unless you’re wiling to sing A-ha’s “Take on Me,” and hit the high notes hard. Come on, you guys, just sing it. If the Nats make it to the World Series, Morten Harket says he’ll come to Washington and obviously that’s something we all want. (Washington Post)

Olivia Wilde recently shared a number of details about her lady parts and her love life, including the fact that she and boyfriend Jason Sudeikis “have sex like Kenyan marathon runners.” (Vulture)

FYI: Stevie Nicks has zero patience for Nicki Minaj . Like, zero. (The Daily via Jezebel)

Film studio 20th Century Fox is making a new movie based on the Peanuts gang, to be directed by the same guy who directed “Ice Age: Continental Drift” and “Horton Hears a Who!” This makes me exceedingly nervous. (L.A. Times)

Hulk Hogan told Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford yesterday on “Today” that his recently leaked sex tape has turned his life upside down. Also, his new wife, Jennifer, is “rattled.” (USA Today)

George Clooney gave a homeless guy $10 in New York this week while TMZ cameras captured his generosity. Look, the man has to do something to continue justifying all those WWGCD bumper stickers. Aaaand mission accomplished. (TMZ)

Rebel Wilson will write and star in her own movie, which is good news for humanity. (Vulture)