The most anticipated celebrity baby of 2012 has arrived: Beyonce and Jay-Z have welcomed their first child.

Beyonce gave birth to the baby girl Saturday night at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital, where the couple reportedly rented out the entire fourth floor for $1.3 million so the “Crazy in Love” singer could deliver in (relative) peace, the New York Daily News reports.

Jay-Z and Beyonce: proud mom and dad. (Al Bello/GETTY IMAGES)

The girl’s name, as reported by E! Online and helpfully confirmed on Twitter via Beyonce/Jay-Z pal Gwyneth Paltrow, is Blue Ivy Carter.

The arrival of the child formerly known in this blog as Sasha Fetus follows weeks of speculation about Beyonce’s due date, including clearly false rumors around New Year’s Eve that she had already given birth.

The preeminent hip-hop couple has not officially confirmed the birth, but several of their celebrity friends — including Russell Simmons and Rihanna — have tweeted about it. And the Daily News notes that celebrations seemed to be underway at the hospital Saturday night, as bags of take-out food and bottles of red wine were apparently brought to the floor Beyonce, Jay-Z and little Blue Ivy had occupied.

The hospital reportedly placed tape on its security cameras and asked employees to turn in their cell phones in order to protect the couple’s privacy.

Of course, now that the baby is here, it’s a matter of seconds, really, before pictures of the wee infant leak online. And naturally, the proffering of opinions about the child’s name is already in progress.

This isn’t the first time a variation on the color Blue has showed up in a celebrity baby name. Last year, Alicia Silverstone named her son Bear Blu, a moniker we dubbed the weirdest famous baby name of 2011.

But Blue as a first name for a girl — accompanied by the very cute Ivy — seems less odd. Do you agree? Are you pro- or con- the name? And are you able to contain your excitement about the fact that the future Princess of Hip-Pop has arrived on this planet and will soon be bathing in a Swarovski crystal tub and playing in her luxury nursery? Please weigh in by posting a comment.


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