Beyonce and Jay-Z. (Bill Kostroun/AP)

Beginning with the flashy reveal of her pregnancy at the VMAs to the wedding dress Easter egg in her “I Was Here” music video, the singer topped off a banner year of sharing by offering photos of her infant daughter Blue Ivy on husband Jay-Z’s Web site.

Now Beyonce has launched a Tumblr account, sharing personal photos that reveal just how glamorous her life is.

Today also marked the debut of Beyonce’s new Web site and verified Twitter account. While it seems doubtful that Bey will become a prolific celeb tweeter, a la Alec Baldwin, we shouldn’t rule anything out from a Beyonce willing to show us photos from her vacations like we’re her best friends or something. (For the record, I’m available to become Beyonce’s best friend if she’s looking for one.)

Sadly, Celebritology cannot post photos from the Tumblr here. But we can link you to some of the highlights with this list of things we learned from the corresponding picture:

Beyonce and Jay-Z like to take prom style photos.

Beyonce and Jay-Z make quite a cute couple.

Beyonce looks great in Buddy Holly style glasses.

Beyonce looks great covered in sand.

Beyonce looks great dressed like Spider-Man.

Beyonce looks great with a snorkel mask on.

Beyonce can French inhale cigar smoke. (But shouldn’t! Think of your voice, Bey!)

Beyonce and her sister Solange are close, look like angels.

Beyonce’s life is really fabulous.

I mean, come on!

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