New mom Beyonce. (Danny Moloshok/Reuters)

Little Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z, is less than 48 hours old, but she’s already generating conspiracy theories, promotional opportunities and strong opinions.

Let’s start with the name for the wee “Single Lady.” Opinions on Blue Ivy from Celebritology readers ranged from the approving (“I love the name! It fits with the celebrity style!” wrote Dancer5) to the bluntly unimpressed (“It’s a stupid name,” noted bevjames). But this blog’s commenters failed to mention the theory that somehow Blue Ivy’s name proves Beyonce and Jay-Z are members of the Illuminati, the underground organization attempting to create a New World Order. (You may remember it from Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons,” a work of fiction that also presents much information that should be taken at face value and assumed as gospel.)

What does Blue Ivy have to do with the Illuminati?

Why, the name Ivy is just an acronym for Illuminati’s Very Youngest, of course. Or so online conspiracy theorists have been saying.

There are other online theories floating around that seem flat-out ridiculous, including some that purport that the innocent girl’s name actually means Lucifer’s daughter when spelled backwards. (It doesn’t.)

A more legitimate explanation for the name comes courtesy of People and other outlets, which points out that “Blue” may be a reference to Jay-Z’s “Blueprint” albums, and Ivy may be a riff on the number four, a lucky one for Beyonce and her husband. (IV is, of course, the roman numeral four.)

It’s also entirely possible that the couple chose the name because they just like the sound of it, or because that’s what happened to come out of their mouths when the doctor asked for a name, or because they feel really strongly that their child should attend an Ivy League — or at least a public ivy — university 18 years from now.

We don’t know for sure because, hey, guess what? They still have not officially confirmed the birth of the child themselves, even though it’s pretty clear that Blue Ivy is indeed swaddled somewhere in the great state of New York as we speak. While we await the moment when Beyonce inevitably opens up a blazer to reveal Blue Ivy in a luxury Baby Bjorn, we can always continue to imagine what she must look like ourselves. Forensic artist Joe Mullins (via has already provided a sneak peek at how Blue may look a few years from now.

She’s got secret Illuminati member written all over her non-real face, doesn’t she?