Why yes, that is a baby bathtub covered in crystals. ( TheDiamondBathtub.com )

MediaTakeOut, and later “GMAreported that Rowland, who let the whole “It’s a girl!” cat out of the bag, purchased a baby-size tub covered in Swarovski crystal as a gift. The bathing receptacle, created by Lori Gardner of The Diamond Bathtub company, retails for $5,200. A portion of that money goes to charity.

Sure, this seems a little extreme for a something a child will be too big for within a year. But in a 2,200-square-foot nursery, a normal tub just won’t do.

It’s also multipurpose item. The company’s Web site suggests using it to bathe a dog or cat. Or perhaps to chill beverages. Or give them to writers who need to pay off their students loans. So many options!

(Hat tip Jezebel)