The singer usually declined to discuss her relationship with Jay-Z, so much so that the rapper was “shocked” when his wife said “I love you” during one of her acceptance speeches at the 2010 Grammys.

And then this August, Beyonce put on a sparkly suit jacket and revealed her baby bump onstage at the MTV VMAs. It was the world’s invitation into her life.

The video for “I Was Here” keeps with this trend, piecing together public moments from her career and private videos of her home life — playing with her nephew in a pool, frolicking on a beach — to an emotional effect.

But there’s an ever bigger treat in the video for Beyonce super fans: never-before-seen images of her wedding dress. Admittedly, the sight of a white, strapless, poofy gown may only be exciting to extreme Bey devotees. So if you fit into that category, check out the dress at the 3:36 mark in the video below.