Bill Murray, kickballer. (Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

And by “it,” I mean he showed up at a gathering to which he was not invited and, purely by being present, turned that gathering into the best thing that will ever happen to the people who were there.

This time, the gathering was not a karaoke party or a Cornell University band practice at which he acted as conductor. It was, according to Entertainment Weekly and the rest of the Internet, which is really delighted by this whole thing, a kickball game in New York City.

College Humor writer Marina Cockenberg posted a photo of Murray with a bunch of her young, kickball-playing friends on Sunday to her Cockenblog Tumblr, which rapidly got passed around online. This prompted EW to investigate further and speak to Chris DiLella, who was at the game on New York’s Roosevelt Island when Murray showed up and started “bouncing the ball,” running the bases, giving people high-fives and, in one case, picking up the mother of one player in his arms.

It would all sound too unbelievable (the picture could be a Photoshop job, in theory), except for the fact that Murray does this stuff all the time.

Which makes it Peter Venkman-tastic and further proof that Murray is determined to make everyone on Earth feel, for a moment, like they’re living a Cinderella story.

Here’s the photo from Cockenberg’s Cockenblog Tumblr.

(Via Cockenblog)