“It’s killin’ me financially. Just killin’ me,” Murray joked of doing art films, rather than blockbusters. “I tip heavy. I dress like a king and the numbers just spiral.”

Enter Murray’s hologram, a black-and-white banjo playing version of the “Groundhog Day” star that will (in theory) sell out stadiums and make his appearances: “I can have this hologram everywhere. I can stay home.”

With Letterman, Murray also talked about a possible “Ghostbusters 3” (“It’s got to be really funny.”) and fighting with Chevy Chase in 1978 (“I get deputized a lot to be the avenging angel, whatever situation it is. Or maybe I’m self deputized. We’re talking about it with my therapist.”), as well as attending the Cannes film festival.

Watch parts of the interview below. The full episode can be watched here.