Here’s an endorsement no one saw coming.

Bill O’Reilly called Lady Gaga “a patriot” during the “Pinheads and Patriots” segment on Tuesday’s “The Factor.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, the compliment had nothing to do with the singer’s politics. Instead, the host praised Gaga for attempting to consume David Letterman’s notes on Monday’s “Late Night.” The “Born This Way” singer was fed up with Letterman’s negative responses to her answers, so she tore up his questions and then tried to eat them.

“I think Lady Gaga is a patriot for eating Dave’s note cards. I wish I had thought of that when I was on the Letterman program. I would have done that,” O’Reilly proclaimed. Letterman told the conservative media personality that “about 60 percent of what you say is crap” on a 2006 episode of “Late Night” and took another jab in 2009, saying,“I think of you as a goon.” For some reason, O’Reilly appeared on “Letterman” again in 2010.

Watch O’Reilly go gaga for Gaga below: