See, look how well they get along. (Ron Tom/ABC)

As announced yesterday — and hinted at as a possibility several months ago in this blogBilly Crystal is hosting the 2012 Academy Awards. And while that initially sounded like bad news for the Muppets-as-Oscar-hosts campaign, apparently that optimistic, plucky group still believes Kermit the Frog and Co. will be involved in the big movie trophy show.

“All hope is not lost! ‘I wouldn’t count the Muppets out’ says Disney CEO Robert Iger,” read a tweet sent earlier today from the MuppetOscars Twitter account. This is not a case of the Muppet Oscars campaigners acting all Fozzie-obsessed and delusional either.

That tweet links to a Business Week story in which Iger also noted that, “I like the idea of Billy and Miss Piggy or Billy and Kermit on stage.”

Of course he does. It would be a great way to promote “The Muppets,” the DVD release of which will likely be timed to come out right around the Oscars. And the Oscar producers could tout it as an example of their responsiveness to fans, who have been pushing via an online campaign launched last February for the Muppets to host the Academy Awards.

So while the Muppets won’t be co-hosts — somehow I think Crystal can cover things without “an assist,” to borrow the language in that Business Week headline, from Gonzo and Scooter — they will probably show up onstage.

One suggestion: The Oscar team should recruit Statler and Waldorf to either provide commentary from the audience or live-tweet this thing. They’ll do a more incisive job of critiquing this year’s ceremonies than most of us live bloggers can.