After a week of 1990s Nickelodeon nostalgia, The Post convinced the voice of Nickelodeon’s “Doug,” Billy West, to host a video chat Friday morning.

You might also know West as Fry, Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, Zapp Brannigan and Dr. Zoidberg from “Futurama,” recent incarnations of Woody Woodpecker and Popeye, and 1990s cult favorite “Ren and Stimpy.”

During the chat (embedded below), West recreated his character voices and discussed his memories of Phil Hartman, Howard Stern, Disney’s takeover of “Doug,” and more. If you’re short on time, click the links below the video to jump to a few highlights.

(Note: It’s worth watching all the way to the end — or at least skipping to about 31:40 in the video to watch the conclusion.)

- On voicing Ren and Stimpy

- Talking to yourself in character

- On his friendsship with the late Phil Hartman

- Why does Dr. Zoidberg pronounce “robot” as “robut?