(Via CBS)

The roster of immunity necklace seekers was revealed Monday and includes two names previously known outside of the “Survivor” world: former Major League Baseball player Jeff Kent and Whelchel, who made a name for herself in the ‘80s by showing off her flowing blond locks and snobby attitude as Blair Warner on “The Facts of Life.”

Many may have responded to this news by asking the obvious question: “How come they didn’t pick Tootie? That girl can roller skate.” The answer, according to Entertainment Weekly, is that Whelchel, 49, campaigned via Twitter to be chosen for this, the reality show’s 25th (!!) season.

“I’ve watched it from the very first episode, and had ‘Survivor’ parties with my family,” she tells the magazine.

Well, there’s the answer to the question I ask myself on a regular basis: Who still watches “Survivor”? Clearly based on its ratings and the fact that CBS continues cranking out new seasons, people do. I just don’t know any of them.

Now it’s obvious what the problem is: I have not been spending enough time talking TV with Whelchel and her family.

Whelchel’s inclusion in the cast is the rare instance of a celebrity competing on the Jeff Probst-hosted series. But before you think she’ll be way too coddled to last 39 days eating bugs on an isolated island, just watch this clip from “Facts of Life,” in which she argues that God is dead, takes a punch on the chin from Jo and just shakes it off.

No, people. Do not count out Blair Warner.