A morning mix of entertainment headlines...

Bobbi Kristina Brown with mom Whitney Houston in 2009. (Evan Agostini/AP)

According to Ancestry.com, three of the world’s more famous Canadians —Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling and Avril Lavigne — are all distant cousins. Specifically Bieber and Gosling are 11th cousins once removed and Bieber and Lavigne are 12th cousins. As an added bonus, Bieber is also distantly related to Celine Dion. So does this mean all of these people are invited to the Lavigne/Chad Kroeger wedding ? (Associated Press)

Speaking of Captain Upchuck-and-Recover, Bieber’s camera and computer were apparently stolen during his recent tour stop in Washington. He’s upset because there was “a lot of personal footage on that computer and camera.” Don’t worry, Justin. You’ll see that footage really soon when it winds up on the Internet. (L.A. Times)

Debbie Reynolds is currently in the hospital, recovering after she had an unspecified adverse reaction to medication. She has canceled all appearances and shows for the next three months, according to her publicist. (AP)

Shailene Woodley has reportedly been offered the role of Mary Jane Watson in “The Amazing Spider-Man” sequel.Will she potentially make a better MJ than Kirsten Dunst was? Not everyone can kiss Tobey Maguire that well when he’s upside down, you know. (Entertainment Weekly)

FYI: Stevie Nicks is really sorry for saying she would strangle Nicki Minaj if she were Mariah Carey. She was just tired and really didn’t mean it. (GossipCop)

Uh-oh. Mitt Romney just lost a key Jedi vote. (Read: Mark Hamill is not impressed.) (Hollywood Reporter)

So “Mockingbird Lane,” that reboot of “The Munsters” from “Pushing Daisies” creator Bryan Fuller that NBC bailed on? NBC has decideed to turn the pilot into a Halloween special. (Hollywood Reporter)

Terry O’Quinn told Jimmy Fallon last night what he says when people ask him to explain the end of “Lost”: “I tell them that pretty much we walked through a big bright door and our minds were erased — I have no idea.”

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