(Via Chanel ‘s YouTube channel)

Brad Pitt has made his Chanel No. 5 commercial debut. And it seems fair to say this about the Academy Award-nominated actor’s work as a spokesman for perfume: never before has he looked so sexy while making next to no sense whatsoever.

“It’s not a journey,” he says as shadows flicker across the goatee that looks so effortlessly scruffy that you know some stylist spent 10 hours arranging all its stubbliness. “Every journey ends but we go on. The world turns, but we turn with it. Plans disappear, but we take over.”

In summary, this ad for Chanel No. 5 is the perfume commercial equivalent of “The Tree of Life.” I know Joe Wright directed it and not Terrence Malick, but I still stand by that statement.

People magazine described Pitt’s work in the spot, which marks the first time that a male celeb has hawked the woman’s fragrance, as “thoughtfully seductive.” Weird. I was going to describe it as “what it looks like when Pitt tries really hard to make pretentious sentences sound meaningful while wearing a casual button-down shirt.”

Let’s let the ad do the talking — and Pitt do his hot melancholy thing — via the clip below.

Once again, in summary: inevitable.

(Via Chanel ‘s YouTube channel)