Bradley Cooper: Giving sexiness props to Ryan Gosling. (GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Bradley Cooper is aware that some people feel that Ryan Gosling was far more deserving of People’s Sexiest Man Alive title. As a matter of fact, he kind of agrees with you.

In an interview that aired on England’s “The Graham Norton Show” on Friday (found via Vulture), Cooper acknowledged that he is aware of the “controversy” over who is sexier.

“It’s so awful that I’m admitting this, but the hell with it,” Cooper began before launching into a story about how he looked at a Web site that did a side-by-side comparison of paparazzi photos of Gosling and Cooper.

“He literally looks like he’s in a photo shoot, like he just came off the runway,” Cooper says. The peacoat is like this, with the scarf. And then there’s ones of me, and I literally look like the neighbor who never comes out of his house.”

While Cooper — who stars opposite Gosling in “The Place Beyond the Pines,” a film whose title probably should be changed to “The Sexy-Off”even though that’s completely irrelevant to its subject matter — stopped short of conceding his Sexiest Man title, it was clear that he, like many, carries a torch for Gosling. Which, oddly enough, wins him some additional sexy points.

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