Bradley Cooper, seeking a silver lining with Jennifer Lawrence. (Stuart Wilson/GETTY IMAGES)

If you’ve read the book by Matthew Quick, then you already know the basic plot: Cooper’s character, Pat, is released from a mental institution and sent back to his parents’ Philadelphia home to reboot (and obsess over the Philadelphia Eagles). He then meets and starts to fall for Tiffany (Lawrence), his friend’s sex-addict sister-in-law.

Out of the film’s context, Cooper and Lawrence make an odd couple — the Sexiest Man Alive and Katniss? But that oddness might work for a story about people feeling slightly askew.

Watch the trailer after the jump.

After watching this first sneak peek, I have two key questions:

1. How much will football factor into this story? In the book, it’s pretty central, but there’s no mention of it in the trailer, which plays up the romance angle.

2. In the novel, Cooper’s Pat and Lawrence’s Tiffany eventually do a climactic dance set to “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” The clips suggests they dance in the movie. But will it happen to the wrenchingly magical sounds of Bonnie Tyler?

We’ll find out when it opens in November.