(Bradley Cooper arriving at the Hollywood premiere of “Limitless.” (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Relativity))

“It was really emotional,” he said. “I couldn’t stop crying.”

“During the show?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he affirmed.

Then I watched the episode, which airs Monday night on Bravo at 7 p.m. EST, and he wasn’t kidding. Within the first 15 minutes of the program, Cooper — the first graduate from the Actors Studio at Pace University to become a guest on the show — gets verklempt several times. At one point, while speaking about his instructor, Elizabeth Kemp, he gets so overcome he can’t even speak.

“I’m a loud crier,” he tells the audience at one point, as he tries to compose himself. “I’m not like a sobber ... I’m like a — it’s ugly, so I apologize.”

Bravo has posted a few clips from the episode , but none of the super-emotional ones. (Guess they’re saving those for broadcast.)

But you can see a clip below of a young Mr. Cooper, in his grad school days and sporting super mid-90s hair, asking questions of other actors on “Inside the Actors Studio.” After the jump, read about why Cooper turned down a previous invitation to appear on “Inside the Actors Studio,” and watch a clip of Cooper describing how he met his idol and, now, Limitless co-star Rober De Niro. (And don’t forget to read this Sunday Style profile of Bradley Cooper , too.)

During an interview with Cooper last week in Philadelphia, the basis for the aforementioned profile, he said that he was reluctant to go on “Inside the Actors Studio” when host James Lipton initially extended an invitation.

“He asked me to do it the year before, and I knew that I would feel like a fool up there. Plus, his cards would have been that thin,” Cooper said, holding up his thumb and forefinger to demonstrate what, in his mind, was a then less than hefty list of movie credits.

“After doing ‘Limitless,’ I thought, wait a second, what am I worried about?” he continued. “I’m worried about the people who think, like, what’s he doing up there? What’s the purpose — do I have something to offer the students? Yes. Absolutely. Furthermore, if I was sitting in that chair and someone was sitting up there who went to that school and who was once in my shoes, that would be [bleeping] amazing.”

So he said yes. And as a result, we can all hear Cooper share stories tonight on Bravo like this one, about the first time he met De Niro: