People magazine announced its choice for 2011’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” And contrary to what Internet memes might suggest, it’s not Ryan Gosling.

This year’s Hottest Hottie, according to the magazine, is ... Bradley Cooper, star of “The Hangover” movies, recent alleged pursuer of Jennifer Lopez and admittedly sexy French speaker. (It was that French thing that pushed him over the top, wasn’t it? I’m kind of thinking it was.)

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(Courtesy People.)

Well, that and, “Wow, this is going to be pretty good for my career.”

Cooper joins the company of Sexiest Men Ryan Reynolds (2010), two-time winner Johnny Depp (2009 and 2003), Hugh Jackman (2008) and Matt Damon (2007). And to think that just two years ago, he was just an actor willing to sit in an Arlington, Va., Irish bar and play a movie trivia game with me.

Do you agree with People? Are you, like a certain fellow Celebritology blogger, bummed that it wasn’t Gosling (who, for the record, did make the overall list)? Please weigh in by posting a comment.