Merida in "Brave.” (Disney/Pixar)

But as I noted at the time, gleaning just what the heck the movie is about was tricky. It’s about a princess named Merida who wants to do her own thing, yes. But it also raised a number of questions like, what was the deal with the blue orb in the forest? How is she changing her fate?

In a newly released featurette, Merida (voiced by “Boardwalk Empire’s” Kelly Macdonald) lays out exactly what’s going on.

Merida explains she’s a princess with a “wild mop of hair” that her overbearing mom wants to tame (moms!) and a desire to live her life as she pleases. In the process of wishing for her life to be different, she unleashes “a wee tiny ancient curse” and subsequently must set things straight by being “brave.”

That’s right: The plot summary ended with the title of the movie. It cannot get any clearer than this.

The featurette is worth watching if you want to enjoy the lush animation, as well as Macdonald’s dreamy accent, once again. Check the video out, via Yahoo, below.