Russell Armstrong with wife Taylor in June. (Frazer Harrison)

Entertainment Weekly reports that the network has already shot the program, which will feature interviews with cast members like Kyle and Kim Richards and Camille Grammer. Taylor Armstrong reportedly did not participate.

An air date for the special is not known, and it has not been formally announced by the network. Bravo also has not formally announced whether “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” will begin its second season on time, but EW says it will likely commence as planned on Sept. 5. The episodes have reportedly been re-edited out of sensitivity to Armstrong’s death.

Of course, many people are attempting to talk the talk when it comes to showing some class about the passing of Russell Armstrong. Billy Bush tweeted earlier today about the recent release of the 911 call that followed the discovery of Armstrong’s body.

“Any show that airs the russell armstrong 911 call cannot call themselves an entertainment show,” he wrote. “How is that entertainment?? #justsayin.”

Yet go to the Web site for “Access Hollywood” and what do you find? An entire page of stories about 911 calls. Armstrong’s is notably absent. And given that the circumstances in his case involve the death of a very young girl’s father, Bush certainly has a point.

Still, an “Access Hollywood” host publicly criticizing outlets like TMZ is a little like ... well, Bravo airing a special about the suicide of one of its own stars while simultaneously attempting to show sensitivity.