Bryan Cranston as “Breaking Bad’s” Walter White, a TV criminal who shares a few things in common with a real one. (Ursula Coyote/Ursula Coyote/Sony Pictures Television)

In further evidence that all television is reality television, a man named Walter White is currently wanted in Tuscaloosa, Ala., for violating his probation. What was he on probation for? Manufacturing and trafficking methamphetamine, according to the Associated Press.

If the key words “methamphetamine” and “Walter White” sound familiar together, that’s because the Walter White on “Breaking Bad” — played by Emmy Award winner Bryan Cranston — is also a meth cook. He lives in Albuquerque, N.M., instead of Alabama, but really, now you’re just splitting hairs.

The real Walter White — who, like Cranston’s White, is also bearded but, unlike Cranston’s White, as far as we know, does not also go by the name Heisenberg — was placed on probation two years ago following a 2008 conviction for meth manufacturing.

According to, the real-life, slightly older White (he’s 55), was arrested earlier this year in nearby Bibb County, Ala., for once again cooking and distributing meth, an obvious violation of his probation. After missing a court appearance last month, his name shot to the top of the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office most wanted list.

Wait, a guy named Walter White got lucky enough to potentially extricate himself from the meth business and then still got right back into it? Add another point to the things that real Walter White (RWW) and fictional Walter White (FWW) share in common.

Clearly the charges facing RWW are quite serious. This blog doesn’t mean to downplay that fact. But this blog also must acknowledge that this is undeniably the best truth-meets-TV connection since an actual dude named Omar Little, a.k.a Omar from “The Wire,” was arrested in Baltimore earlier this year.

Oh, and one more thing. I’m obviously not an expert in crime solving or prevention. But if I were a cop in Tuscaloosa, I would totally be checking my evidence room right now to make sure it had not been magnetically compromised. Just sayin’.