“Breaking Bad’s” Walter White: inspiring fear in his family, as well as healthy candy sales. (Ursula Coyote/AMC)

It turns out that Walter White’s increasingly awful behavior on “Breaking Bad” is actually good for the community, or at least small businesses in Albuquerque.

The Associated Press reports that a shop called The Candy Lady, located in the New Mexico city where the AMC drama is set, is selling what it calls “meth candy,” rock candy dyed blue to resemble the much-coveted blue meth made on “Breaking Bad” by White and his lovably loyal sidekick, Jesse Pinkman.

Debbie Hall, proprietor of The Candy Lady, tells AP that her store “supplied the show [with candy] when it first started;” indeed, the fake stuff doubles for the real thing on set. She then got the idea to sell some herself when she recently saw star Bryan Cranston on “Late Night With David Letterman” discussing the turquoise sugary prop and offering some to Letterman.

Since that interview last month, she says she’s sold 300 bags of the stuff.

Oh, this is how it starts, Debbie Hall. At first you think you’re just making a few bucks to help your family. Then the next thing you know, you’re robbing trains and arrogantly declaring that you’re in the empire business.

Actually, as enticing as the rock candy sounds, I’m more intrigued by the “Blue Sky Breaking Bad” doughnuts — which feature blue sugar rock candy sprinkled atop a fried vanilla treat — that AP also says are being sold in Albuquerque.

Mmm . . . meth-covered doughnuts.

Honestly, all this enterprising behavior makes me think that Baltimore businesses really dropped the ball by not selling “The Wire” syringe-shaped lollipops or something. Hey Charm City, there’s still time to ride a beloved TV show’s coattails.