Remember back in 2010 when Bret Michaels got engaged to longtime girlfriend Kristi Gibson on a VH1 reality show?

Bret Michaels and Kristi Gibson: over. (Darryl Webb/AP)

Two years later, that engagement has been called off. As the Associated Press reports, the Poison frontman — who miraculously recovered from a stroke and brain hemorrhage in 2010 — and the mother of his two children have split for good after dating off and on for 18 years. They will “remain great friends and are committed to jointly raising” daughters Raine Elizabeth, 12, and Jorja Blue, 7, Michaels’s rep said in a statement.

This is especially sad considering the romantic nature of that proposal on “Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It.”

“I want you to be my wife,” Michaels said while down on one knee.

“Are you sure?” Gibson responded.

“Please say yes, or the rejection will kill me right now,” he added.

That’s love, ladies and gentlemen. But as we know love, just like every rose, has its thorns.