Brett Ratner. (Chris Pizzello/AP)

The Hollywood producer and director stepped down from the duty in November after a remark he made at a “Tower Heist” Q&A — “Rehearsing is for [pejorative term for gay people]” — went public. He will now direct and produce a series of PSAs with the LBGT advocacy organization.

“Working together with GLAAD has been a very positive and enlightening experience for me, and I could not be more pleased to be developing this crucial campaign to help educate people that we all share the same humanity,” Ratner said in a press release. “I am excited to get to work on this program and hope that minds and hearts are opened by what we create.”

The videos will show famous people “coming out” as allies for “equality,” according to the release. Participants have not been revealed yet.

After the slur went public, Ratner apologized, saying, “It was a dumb way of expressing myself.” Still, 37 percent of voters in Celebritology poll believed he needed to resign from the Oscars, while 13 percent thought he deserved another chance. (An almost equal number of voters picked one of the snarky choices, including “Actually, he should never have been hired in the first place. Am I the only one who saw ‘Rush Hour 3’?”)

Ratner’s resignation caused then Oscars host Eddie Murphy to also step down. Brian Grazer replaced Ratner and Oscars vet Billy Crystal took Murphy’s place.