Bristol Palin in May 2009. (Eric Thayer/Reuters)

Updated: Bristol Palin says she had corrective jaw surgery, not plastic surgery.

Did Bristol Palin have plastic surgery? Or did she just lose a lot of weight in her face?

That’s a question that was prompted by an item on Gawker’s Web site — and cited in today’s morning mix — that paired an older photo of Palin with one taken more recently. I’ve also posted a picture of Sarah Palin’s daughter in 2009, above, along with another, below, from last weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, where it definitely took a beat or two to recognize the young mom.

Palin has not commented publicly on the matter yet, but one plastic surgeon has seized on the moment and shared his assessment.

Bristol Palin at Saturday's Time/CNN/People/Fortune White House Correspondents' Dinner cocktail party. (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Time Warner)

Brian Glatt of New Jersey — whose PR minions sent a news release to me, apparently People magazine and undoubtedly many other celebrity reporters — says weight loss may explain some of the facial changes. But as noted in the release, he also thinks she “seems to have had some liposuction of her neck area under her chin which has produced a much more defined jawline and lower facial area. She may have also had a chin implant to better define this area. Her lower lip appears much more full and it is likely she had injections of Juvederm into her lower lip.”

And Glatt should know, since he’s a board-certified surgeon with a team of reps who all wait, in a catlike state of readiness, for the moment when they can issue a news release about whether someone famous has had work done.

Here’s another question: Even if Palin has had work done, should we be bothered by it? In theory, no. It’s her face and her body, and clearly she can treat it however she chooses.

But it does seem unfortunate for a woman who is only 20 to already start walking down this road, especially when her face was just fine the way it was.

Since the genie has already been let out of the bottle on the Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery Guessing Game, feel free to weigh in with your theories by posting a comment. Tell them Dr. Chaney (note: not a board-certified surgeon) sent you.