Britney Spears may actually be back.

Although “I Wanna Go” from the singer’s latest record, “Femme Fatale,” sounds like it was sung by a robot, the song’s music video shows a much livelier Britney than the world has seen since the “Toxic” years.

In beginning of the video, which debuted Wednesday, Spears takes questions from pesky reporters who ask annoying questions, including ”Do you hate puppies?” After delivering some actually funny responses, Spears tells the journos, “Bleep you!” before heading into a city street to shock the passerbys with outrageous behavior. When members of the paparazzi gather to photograph Spears, she whacks them with a microphone.

The video contains many not so subtle references to Spears’s at times troubled past, including a torn Mickey Mouse t-shirt and a movie theater marquee displaying the title, “Crossroads 2: Cross Harder.”

Spears’s latest concert tour, which kicked off in Los Angeles on Monday, is getting mixed reviews from journalists. But her fans seem to wholeheartedly disagree.

Watch “I Wanna Go” below: